Dazzling Jewellers

Debbie and  Connie are the two smiling faces behind this creative designer jewellery store. A Gold licensed jeweller ( that means they are allowed to buy raw gold to manufacture into their unique creations) Dazzling Jewellers create custom pieces for what they call, “the family people”  and retail stock jewellery of their own design as well as other pieces..
A tradition of jewellery design and manufacture has developed on the garden route with a number of talented smiths at work. None quite like the duo plying their trade in this out of the way corner of Memorial square. The old and traditional heart of Knysna. One gets the sense that these pieces of jewellery on display in the modest showroom are somehow imbued with what one might call the ‘spirit of Knysna.’ As an artist Debbie is not pretentious at all and is happy to chat with anyone. Her pieces have a sense of history to them without being old fashioned. Mark a simple occasion with  Dazzling jewellery, or pay respect to a major milestone in your family’s life by giving a timeless piece crafted by the sensitive hands of authentic craftspeople.

Asked why the shop is tucked into the far corner of Memorial square instead of somewhere more in the public eye Debbie’s lips curl up into the very slightest smile and it becomes obvious that the question is almost rude. She likes it here. She didn’t become a goldsmith because gold is worth a fortune. She does this work because she loves it.

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