Knysna library & central’s town square

Situated in a shady corner of Memorial Square the Knysna library is a quiet reminder of what this Village once was.

And our own town Square………is a hive of multicultures. Sit for an hour at one of the boulevard type eateries and one can meet any number of nationalities, locals, businessmen and Rastafarians. Who needs TV??? In our square one can discuss anything over a cup of coffee. Anything from weather forcasts “look at the weasten head my dear and that’s our today’s weather !!” Get a mine of infomation on any topic across the board from – job vacancies , where to find a reliable plumber or that bargain you have been looking for.

So … head for THE Square. And be in the center of all thats fun in Knysna! Dahling you haven’t lived till you’ ve sat in the Square

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