The littlest shop in Knysna

Second hand books, Africana, collectors and first editions Seated demurely on a small staircase outside a tiny little shop just into memorial square one finds a person who has to be called ‘one of those real Knysna characters’. Cherry is a delightful woman who minds the store front at the littlest shop in Knysna on behalf of herself and the other four ladies who are partners in the unusual business, which sells books, gifts and arty crafty bits and pieces. Home crafted characterful items An eclectic mix that gives a visitor something to look through and be amused and inspired by while browsing the stores and sampling the cuisine in this most interesting part of town. Cherry didn’t talk to me about her shop as much as she did about the square it is in. Memorial square where, the interesting lady with porcupine quills keeping her hair in place tells me, many people have scattered the ashes of their loved ones on the memorial in the centre of the square.
Cherry is one of those people who quietly goes about caring for people around her who are in need of one sort or another. She is always involved with helping one or another person who needs it. This may be the ‘Littlest Shop in Knysna’ bt from what I hear it’s got the biggest heart in town.
Drop by for a chat and pick up something to read or a momento of your trip from this genuine gem. The littlest shop in Knysna.

The Coffee Connection

coffee shop, roastery, merchant and distributorPractically anyone who has spent any amount of time in Knysna will recall this twenty year old business trading out of a building that dates back to the eighteen hundreds. The Coffee Connection offers an interesting and varied menu to complement the astonishing selection of fine Arabica coffees they have on offer.
Thirty varieties, blends and flavoured coffees can be relaxed over and enjoyed in what has become a Knysna must.
The original character of the building in the centre of Knysna was carefully preserved and this let’s one feel that here at last one has found the Original Knysna. The place bustles without being noisy. Filled with locals and a cosmopolitan mixture of people from all over the world, steaming up their glasses over one of those cups of coffee that make one’s morning worthwhile.

Artists, business people, tourists, and generally people from all walks of life come together here at the Coffee connection. A real social hub.

Wonderful coffee served promptly and professionally is one thing, put it with the kind of food these people serve and add that to the impressively historic location and you have a place that deserves it’s lengthy and excellent reputation.

If you’re hungry after that first cup, I’d recommend the ‘Italian Style Breakfast’.
Be warned, the portions are generous to say the least and the food more than tasty enough to cause one to overeat.
Come to the heart of Knysna and get your juices flowing and appetite satisfied at the Coffee Connection.

Fat Susi’s

Coffee homemade biscuits and Swiss specialities

Fat Susis is a delightful Bistro pleasantly situated in Memorial Square  in Knysna on the Garden Route.

Swiss couple Mike and Lisa offer European style and taste and they roast their own coffee.

Drop by for a chat, a great meal and some coffee to die for.


Italian restaurants Knysna. Pizzas and pasta
So there is a gigantic shopping mall on the other side of town. Precisely where Presello’s used to be. A shopping mall struggling to recoup it’s investment because it failed to understand what made Knysna successful. But business is picking up in old Knysna again. It should be obvious what brings people here in the first place. In a word, charm. And Persello’s in Knysna is emblematic of the old Knysna that everybody loves. Step into this lovely little pizzeria and Italian Bistro, the family business of the long time resident Persello family and find out where the magic of Knysna can still be found.

The restaurant has been open since the mid nineteen nineties and could rightly be held up as an example of the level of quality and dedication that brought people from all over the world to come and live within the marvellous Knysna experience. Mama Persello and her sons and daughters have given us fifteen years of great times and wonderful people and they’re still going strong in Memorial square. Which, appropriately enough is the original centre of Knysna.
Wonderful atmospheric décor provides a comfortable and relaxed setting for visitors and locals alike to enjoy the authentic Italian families cuisine and hospitality. It’s a great place to bring the family and discover the people of Persello’s, the people of Knysna.
Whether you like Italian, or are a pizza fundi or not, if you like good food and atmosphere, Persello’s is the place to enjoy yourself in Knysna.

The Thai Kitchen

Chicken in a coconut soup with lemon grass and galangal
The Thai Kitchen is a small informal Thai bistro serving authentic Thai dishes. The portions are generous and it is a popular venue with the locals. Booking is essential during the busy times and advisable even in winter. For some odd reason everyone seems to eat on the same nights and invariably at the same time. Its just the way things work in this town.

Thai Kitchen authentic Thai food offering sit down meal and takeaways

News from the Square

In the last few weeks new faces have arrived in the Square.

Welcome to the Swiss couple who have taken over Fat-Susi’s. We’re looking forward to the promising fondue evening and could we be hearing the occasional yodeling??? The Swiss flag was hung out over the Easter weekend which was promptly followed by the Italian flag at Persello’s, so…..we are all now waiting for the Thai Flag ???? Interesting new comers include an Irish Cavalry officer who sits, in his Hemingway Panama hat, sipping his Guinness as well as English “absolutely Fabulous” therapist and some New Age earth wanderers. So…… see you soon……as you sit in our square you might even spot an aero plane going past on a truck.